1. madisoneast:

    the turn up is real for DOSES


  2. beanzattack:

    Gas Rag, Doses, Glue @ Munoz Gym 07//18//14

    Photos by: beanz


  3. 7/18 at Munoz Gym


  4. madisoneast:

    DOSES featuring Pretty P

    By Madison East


  5. mynxstynx:

    one more band to be announced, tell your silly friends. 

    F U

    (Source: crummlord)




  7. standingonthebonersofgiants:

    Flier for a show in LA. Gag, blazing eye, back to back, nudes, doses at Los globos on 6/30

    kill punks f u 69/88

    (via burningwitch)


  8. bajablastboy1:

    A flyer I made for an upcoming gig.



  9. makeitanopencasket:

    dosesdosesdoses / CHURCH ON YORK (R.I.P.)


  10. madisoneast: