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    A review and download of the DJ Hate Crime remix of the Doses album.

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    FUUUUUUCK. All this album makes me want to do is tackle headlong into a crowd of people and wreak some god damn havoc. Doses are a punk band from LA and if you haven’t heard about them yet you will soon. Their first LP endeavor a self-titled stab at a vicious spooky rollickingly-pissed take…



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    final schedule for berserktown fest

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    "You are a stupid rich fat faggot stop sending me updates on your fucking bourgeois band exploiting label. Your the worst type of person a bourgeois type of person.(An industrious person always looking for happiness) Gag on a donut, you stupid, profiteer, trend hopping fat faggot (As said…



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    the turn up is real for DOSES


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    Gas Rag, Doses, Glue @ Munoz Gym 07//18//14

    Photos by: beanz


  8. 7/18 at Munoz Gym


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    DOSES featuring Pretty P

    By Madison East


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    one more band to be announced, tell your silly friends. 

    F U

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